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Single and looking this summer? Get ready to mix and mingle. Here’s why you should take advantage of available opportunities and where to find them.

Our ability to find a long-term, loving relationship comes when our personal preparedness, God’s timing, and the right opportunity all intersect. Being in the right place at the right time is one element that’s in your control, and it will boost your chance for successful dating.

If you’re feeling isolated or in a social rut with the same people, it’s time to get out of your comfort zone. Attending a singles conference or summer function is a great way to expand your social circle and meet new people.    

“When we put ourselves out there, it shows God we’re willing to do everything within our realm of influence,” said The LDS Matchmaker founder, Amy Stevens Seal. “It might mean being uncomfortable at times, but vulnerability brings more social experience and a greater ability to handle life’s most difficult moments. Becoming better at handling the ambiguous not only makes you a better dater, but a better future spouse.”

Don’t be afraid to attend conferences or events alone. You don’t always need a “buddy” by your side. Sometimes being with friends can hold us back from seeking new opportunities.

Your independence will inspire you to start conversations and will enable you to get to know people that aren’t currently in your immediate social circle.

We all hope to meet “the one” at these kinds of functions. However, completely fixating on finding that one special person makes it more difficult to see other connections and possibilities that would help us in the future.

“A lot of singles go to events with an all-or-nothing attitude. Meeting the person of their dreams means success. Not meeting them means failure,” said Amy Stevens Seal.  “The reality is, any time you expand your social circles, you build friendships and connections that increase your ability to meet and date new people in the future. Every time I attended a conference it led to something productive, whether it was in dating, friendship, or even business. And as I trace things back, most often, the times when the result was friendship or business connections, it almost always led to more dating opportunities down the road.”

Here are a few conferences on The LDS Matchmaker’s calendar. Consider joining us! 

  • The big kick off comes May 20-22 in Southern California at the Huntington Beach Conference.  The LDS Matchmaker is hosting activities on-the-beach and lodging at the Marriot Villas. Your room includes Sunday brunch and mingling with The LDS Matchmaker staff.  Register here to save your spot.

  • For the East coast singles, the annual Duck Beach Gathering is ramping up. The LDS Matchmaker will be there to personally answer your dating and relationship questions. We will also be hosting the 4th Annual Glow in the Dark Party!  Click here for more information.

  • The Orange County Single Adult Conference is August 5-7. This conference will combine everything you love—the beach, great food, and singles-focused educational workshops from expert speakers, including members of The LDS Matchmaker staff and many more. 

  • The Salt Lake Mid Singles Conference runs the same weekend, August 5-7, at the University of Utah Institute of Religion.  Look for more to come on The LDS Matchmaker team’s presence at this conference.

A comprehensive schedule of LDS Single Adult conferences and events is shared here. Don’t let this summer pass you by without going to some new functions. Make a goal to attend one or more and create new connections for your future.

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