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Latter Day Matchmaker has  been privileged to be a part of hundreds of love stories. Many of our clients have been generous enough to share their success stories, but because our services are confidential, many choose to withhold their names or pictures.

"I found my perfect match!"

Darlene and I were introduced by Latter Day Matchmaker. We had both grown pretty frustrated with the dating scene.  I started to wonder if I would ever find my match.  I had tried everything from Mid-Singles conferences to singles wards to online dating to blind dates without success. 

I needed a way to meet someone outside of my usual social group that I felt chemistry with and had the same standards that I held to. 

But this wasn’t easy to find, even in Utah. Then I decided to try Latter Day Matchmaker. 

They screened their matches so I wasn’t wasting time with someone I wasn’t attracted to and had nothing in common with. 

I went to their October event where they had a classy but casual dinner event at a local country club. It was here I was set up with Darlene. Amy chose to match me with her because I was attracted to her, we had a lot of the same interests, and she had learned in talking with Darlene that she felt the same way about the Gospel as I did. Wow. Did she pick a homerun! 

We had a blast talking that night. We had tons in common and I actually had chemistry with her! 

At the end of the night, I walked her to her car, got her number, and the rest is history. 

We were married in August 2013 and it’s been the happiest time of my life ever since. After searching for all of those years, l‘ve finally found the girl of my dreams. We have the same sense of humor and have so much fun together!  We travel together, go on hikes, take classes together, go to concerts, fellowship our neighbors, attend the temple frequently, and so much more. 

Darlene is the perfect girl for me! After 20 years of trying everything else, Latter Day Matchmaker sure worked for me!

Mark and Darlene

I LOVE The LDS Matchmaker!
download copy 2.jpeg

I’m a huge fan of Amy and The Latter Day Matchmaker team. I’m so blessed and lucky to have known them.  Without their help, my husband Jordan and I probably wouldn’t be together. 

We met at one of The Latter Day Matchmaker well planned events. The event was like having three dates in one night over three courses of dinner.  At the dessert course I was paired with Jordan.  I felt bad because that was the shortest course of the evening and we had a great time. He asked for my number that night and we started seeing each other after that.  

Shortly after we started dating I noticed that his dating techniques were familiar and I could tell he had spent time learning skills from Latter Day Matchmaker’s dating coaches.  I could tell he had attended their seminars and really knew what he was doing when it came to how to treat a woman.


He was a great date!

A few weeks after we started seeing each other, I had an opportunity to date another man who had been an important person in my life. I decided to give that relationship a real chance. Jordan (who was clearly using Latter Day Matchmaker techniques) was so classy and wished me luck in the other relationship. He was very clear and direct in telling me that if things didn’t work out he’d love to try again with me. 

The other relationship went nowhere quickly and after it ended I went back to square one praying for guidance and looking at what was important to me in a match.  Jordan would always pop up in my mind. 

I felt inspired to go out with him again. The second time around I spent the time to get to know him and realized what a true gem he was! The decision to see him again turned into a very happy marriage.

I’m so grateful to Latter Day Matchmaker for the set up at the barbecue and for the excellent training, techniques and strategies that helped bring us together. 

Heather and Jordan

It Only Took One Match!

Scott: My divorce left me single with four kids.  I loved being married and didn’t feel like I could hold on much longer by myself.  I went to church sponsored events looking for women I might be interested in, but never found anyone that fit with me.


I tried online dating, and found it to be more efficient, but still so time consuming sifting through so many profiles.  It was emotionally draining to be contacted by so many people and having to ignore most of them.  It just wasn’t fun.  

One night I was talking to a woman online who said she was having a similar experience.  I mentioned that it would be great if there were just a Matchmaker like on Fiddler on the Roof who could make matches for LDS people like us.  She told me that there was a company called Latter Day Matchmaker that did help singles.  

That night in frustration over dating I looked up Latter Day Matchmaker’s website and filled out the online form.  The first woman I met through them was Natalie. She was also the last woman I called.  We’ve now been married seven months!

Natalie: I joined Latter Day Matchmaker’s little black book when my friend told me about it. I liked the idea of dating men that had been screened. It felt safer to have someone screening the dates, like there’s less personal risk. 

They emailed me awhile later and said there was a guy interested in meeting me and sent me information about him. 

At first I was intimidated because he had four kids, and I didn’t know if we’d match up politically.  But I also saw that we had some common interests, seemed to have similar standards and even shared the same callings in the church.  I thought it might be worth giving him a shot.

We first talked on the phone and then met right away.  For me it was love on the second date.  We were married 10 months later! 

We’re both so glad we found Latter Day Matchmaker and recommend their services to anyone in the LDS culture frustrated by traditional dating. 

Natalie and Scott

I’ve been happier every day since I married the girl of my dreams.

As a Medical Resident in my second year, my life as a doctor left very little time for dating. I was working 80 or more hours a week.  I barely had time to eat a meal let alone meet someone great.


I was so lonely coming home to an empty apartment at the end of every difficult day. 

I hired Latter Day Matchmaker to help me create an online dating profile that would get results. They searched the best online sites with me in mind in an effort to find a girl that might be right for me.  This service was great since I didn’t have much of my own time to invest in the search.  

It didn’t take long before I had lots of options of beautiful women who had expressed an interest in me.  

After sending a few messages back and forth on the site I met a really beautiful girl (who later became my wife) at a local smoothie joint.  We got to know each other over a tropical fruit blend and had a great time.  

Over the weeks and months after we met, I became enamored with her and believed I was falling in love.  This caused me serious anxiety.  I had serious reservations inside myself about being in a committed relationship that was headed toward marriage.  

My dating coach helped me talk through all of it and I realized she was the person I wanted to be with forever.  I realized that I couldn’t let fear dictate my life decisions. After working through my reservations and fear of commitment we jumped in with both feet and started our Eternal family in January 2014 in the Salt Lake Temple. I’ve been happier every day since I married the girl of my dreams. I’m not lonely anymore.

I’m eternally grateful to Latter Day Matchmaker for the dating profile they helped me create, for helping me sift and search through tons of online dating profiles and for pinpointing me to the right girl. If they can help me, they can help anyone! 

Justin (Salt Lake City)

I love this stuff!

I feel like they do such a great job listening/watching/interacting and giving advice that has really impacted me. I wish I had known these things long ago, but I feel like I am dating with purpose, having success, and in control of my future as opposed to "just" hoping and praying for a good outcome. I still hope and pray, but now it is coupled with action, learning through actions, and positive results. I love this stuff!  - Kylie

I'm now married to the love of my life!

I was single until I was 32 years old and I was so frustrated whenever a relationship wouldn't work out. I never understood why every person I dated would start out strong and then quickly fizzled out. I didn't think I needed a matchmaker because I dated so much but it was so much more. They helped me realize things I needed to change first & once I did I had more success in dating. I'm now married to the love of my life & I truly don't think that it would have happened without their help. - Emily

I wish I would have done it sooner!

I got sick and tired of people telling me what a great guy I was and having not so great success with the ladies. Fortunately with the help of their coaching program, the tables have turned! Sparing the details, there has been a palpable transformation in my life. Not only my have my skills blossomed, but my confidence has been bolstered. It has felt like the whole team has been on my side from the get go. Their advice has been spot on while giving it in a caring way. Thank You!!  - Peter

Classy, Professional, Genuine

Very professional. Good, positive, upbeat women to work with. Very inspiring. Great advice and accountability. I'm learning lots and loving it! - Kori

I was very impressed with Amy, the company, and the many resources they have for dating. They don't just focus on finding your perfect match. They focus on making sure you're ready to find your perfect match. They are a classy company who take genuine concern for their clients well being. They also are very professional. I have already recommended them to a few friends. - Krystal

Top - Notch

Communication is open & easy from the start, the process is well-organized, & it's encouraging to know this is a proactive organization with the purpose of bringing singles together whose personal goals are living a gospel-centered life and marrying in the temple. The services offered don't just match people, they also include opportunities to learn and grow as individuals. Thank you for making this a reality, and for letting us be a part of it! - Brian

A great experience!

When I had my initial interview Amy helped me feel very comfortable and made me think that there were girls she knew that would make an excellent match for me. I tend to be very picky so needless to say I was hopeful but skeptical. I participated in the holiday event where Amy pairs you off with three different girls during an evening. After just one experience I would say that Amy has an excellent eye for match making and will keep in mind any qualifications you give her. - Shaun

Worth It!

I felt uneasy about meeting with Latter Day Matchmaker because of 1) The price 2) My dignity 3) Time -  but the price was worth the session, I feel better about myself, and I wish the session had been longer. I recommend The LDS matchmaker to anyone who feels like their love life has hit a wall. These guys can get you moving right direction again. - Sarah L


I had a great chat with Jace. We had a good time chatting about life and what I was looking for in a spouse. While talking about my dating history he helped me recognize patterns I have and how Latter Day Matchmaker can help me. Always good to find ways to improve. -Tracy


What a great group of knowledgeable and interested ladies to help me find that someone special. I do recommend you to others considering this service. - J.M.

Great service from a knowledgeable team

If you're like me, you needed a little help figuring out how to date and meet people again after a long time of being married. These guys do a great job of educating and helping with that whole process. Great service, great value.

These guys are the best!

They are very professional and they will introduce you to wonderful members of the opposite sex! Great for your dating life ;) - E.B.

Worth the investment

I haven't been working with Latter Day Matchmaker long enough to see the ultimate result of my investment but I very happy with what I've seen so far. It's been a lot of work and I've invested money, but I actually feel like I'm seeing changes in my dating potential. Plus everyone has been very nice and helpful. - A.S.

Experts at great relations

I've only experienced a few services more of a preview nature, but I've been very pleased. Staff members have been encouraging, kind, and knowledgeable. - G.S.


I spoke with Sami, she was friendly and sweet. She asked relevant questions and put me at ease. Great experience so far. - B.J.


I have fun at all of her events and meet great people there! She is passionate about matchmaking and it really shows :) - E.B.

Overall a good experience

Dating coaches were excellent. Sound advice, knew what they were talking about, and compassionate about your situation. Cons, very expensive for deluxe package. Pros, dating coaches are very good and if you can afford it it's worth getting help from The Match Maker! - C.R.

Excellent Experience

Very friendly, knowledgable and easy to work with. I love this program and what it is all about. I met with Amy and couldn't have been more pleased with her personality. - A.

Color me surprised

I did not expect Latter Day Matchmaker consultants would be able to relate to me or provide and meaningful insight. I was so surprised and so glad to be wrong. I believe they will help me get further faster than I could on my own. - John M.

Valuable experience

I learned a lot from the session I had from Latter Day Matchmaker. They really have the information and ability to jump start your love life. - S


I was a little hesitant at first but was really impressed with the quality of the operation. The two coaches I met with me were kind and thorough with questions and respectful with my personal goals. I am excited to see where this leads. - B.W.

Initial meeting

My initial meeting was very friendly. They asked very good and detailed questions. I am very hopeful they can give me the tools to help me find a great man! - Janet A.


Enjoyed the company of someone else who understands what it is like to be lonely and truly wants to help others find their match. I met with a wonderful lady who was able to get to me really well and truly understood what I need to work on. - A.P.

Worth Every Minute

My dating coach far exceeded my expectations, which were high to begin with. She is fantastic to work, and her insights are profound. Highly recommended.  - S.U.

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