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Amy Stevens Seal
Amy Stevens Seal

Amy Stevens Seal, founder and CEO of Latter-day Matchmaker, is a consultant, manager, and strategist with 15+ years’ experience generating outstanding results in both the Employment Recruiting and Services industries. She has an MBA from Brigham Young University and partners with some of the world's leading experts on relationship building to bring her unique services to singles communities across the globe.

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What We Do


Latter Day Matchmaker, often mistaken for an online dating site, is a dating consulting firm. Unlike common social media platforms, our database of singles is not shared online. Our clients' information is kept confidential as we help them through the dating process with individualized services such as The Lasting Love Academy™ program, our dating feedback services, and opportunities to use their new skills at one of our special events.

The Latter Day Matchmaker team is focused on the needs of LDS singles throughout the world. We specialize in assisting singles to create an effective strategy that generates new leads, increases their positive results, and ultimately, helps them find love.

*To align with the preference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on what its members should be called, The LDS Matchmaker is now Latter Day Matchmaker. Rest assured, all our innovative services remain the same!

Sandy, UT 84094


Call or Text: 801.495.2000

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