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The CEO and Founder of The LDS Matchmaker Shares How She Found Love

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

Hello, this is Amy, Stevens Seal, CEO and Founder of The LDS Matchmaker. As we begin a new year and many are resolving to refocus their efforts in dating, I want to share with you how I found my own match, in hopes that it might inspire you to find love this year.

At the beginning of 2014 I decided it was my turn to find love, and I openly declared it the “Year of the Matchmaker” in my Facebook post as you can see below.

These are the 5 strategies I used to finally find a lasting, loving relationship.

#1 Set my Intention for the Year: I was bold and purposeful in declaring my plans to find love and remained focused on my intention for the entire year.

#2 Created an online strategy: I registered myself on the top online sites/apps for Latter-day Saint Singles. I did LDS Planet + Tinder (Mutual was not in existence yet at that time, which would be better than Tinder now). I committed to going through new potential matches on Sundays in order to generate new dates regularly and keep my dating pool fresh.

#3 Engaged more fully in life: I started participating in things that truly made me happy and got me interacting with great people on a regular basis, which in turn, expanded my network and put me in situations where I got more dates organically.

#4 Made a conscious decision to become more open minded: I began focusing on qualities vs. demographics and physical attributes that I previously used to screen guys out, which opened up more options for me. As a result, I dated more, and I got more experience dating a variety of people. I also expanded my relationship skills and started understanding what was most important to me.

#5 I started meeting regularly with a mentor:  This professional third party helped me think out loud and create strategies that worked for me to address the anxieties I felt about dating, which had held me back in the past. I was able to get feedback and insight from an objective third party who could help push me outside of my comfort zone to achieve my relationship goals.

All of these things led me to my husband and allowed me to move forward in the relationship which led to marriage.

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