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Online dating and holiday magic aren’t two phrases you think of together, but data doesn’t lie. More matches are made online during the holidays than any other time of the year.  

“I’ve found that people who begin online dating between Thanksgiving and Valentines are typically faster at meeting their match than at any other time of year,” reports Online Dating Expert Amy Stevens Seal. “It’s a recipe for success. I attend a lot of summer weddings for people who started online dating over the holidays.”

Here’s a hypothesis about why holiday online dating works: The holidays are about taking a break from routines and migrating back to home and family. Once home, singles are motivated (or pressured) to stoke-up-the-fire when it comes to dating and getting married.

As it turns out, one very easy way to appease well-intentioned family and friends is to create an online dating profile. This demonstrates to loved ones that we are, in fact, taking steps toward meeting someone special and eventually getting married. 

A collective group of singles all engaging in the online platforms at the same time has proven over the last decade to produce millions of marriages on various dating sites. Meeting YOUR match might be only days away. 

“Everyone thinks online dating won’t work for them”, The LDS Matchmaker Dating Coach Erin Schurtz said. “Everyone thinks they’re the exception. I love telling my clients that they’re NOT special and that online will work for them if they put effort into it.” 

Online dating sites report their new account creations go up by 40 percent during the holidays. The data also shows messages sent between men and women increase by more than 25 percent in the same time frame. It’s real people reaching out to connect, and they might be looking for you.

According to data released by, the peak day for online dating is the first Sunday in the New Year. They report the peak time is just before 9:00pm. But, that doesn’t mean you have to wait for the New Year to get started.

While you’re enjoying family, friends and special holiday traditions, invite your loved ones to help you get online and highlight your best qualities for those who are those who are looking for you but haven't been able to find you yet.

If you’re interested in getting online, but don’t know where to start, The LDS Matchmaker offers specialized sessions and packages with experienced and successful online dating experts. They’ll help you create a profile that will attract the right kind of men and women, plus show you all the tips and tricks to optimize your online-dating experience.  


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