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Updated: Sep 19, 2018

In the early stages of the restoration of the gospel, marital relationships meant partnering with someone who could help you thrive spiritually and survive physically. 

Pioneer era marriages were about more than experiencing love, raising children in the gospel and achieving Celestial blessings.  A pioneer spouse was also about selecting someone to help you make it, against the odds, crossing the plains and through the rigors of establishing Zion in the west. 

These special marriages have been remembered and celebrated for generations by their posterities and by members of a now, world-wide church.

The courage and tenacity exhibited by these pioneer couples paved the way for all of us to live the fulfillment of the restored gospel in peace. 

As modern singles, most of us look back on the sacrifices of the early saints and wonder if we could have matched their faith, strength and ability to endure.  Who and when would we have married if we faced similar circumstances?  

It’s curious to think what the early saints would have felt about the challenges, dilemmas and motivations to marry for singles in the church today. 

Would pioneers be overwhelmed at the pitfalls and distractions posed by intense careers, education or socially-accepted cultural ideas that delay marriage and families in our generation? 

Or, do our modern opportunities and abilities to become more self-actualized prior to marriage help us eventually become better marital partners, more prepared parents and leaders in the gospel?

Exposure to weather, disease and physical threats pose almost no danger to LDS singles today, but selecting the right marriage partner at the right time of life is still a vital decision that will affect the outcome of generations who follow you. 

What advice would our pioneer ancestors give about spousal selection and navigating spiritually perilous times?  Perhaps they’d suggest using modern opportunities to actively pursue finding the right spouse.

At our fingertips is a vast LDS network that pioneer singles could have never imagined.  

What a blessing to be able to meet other like-minded single members of the church anywhere in the world through modern social media platforms, faith-based online dating sites and other wonderful resources that connect us in ways never before imagined! Creating a diversified portfolio of dating efforts allows us to partner with the Lord in finding our eternal companion.

As single Latter-day Saints, it is exciting to be able to leverage the many opportunities which lead us closer to becoming part of a couple that will lead generations in righteousness.  We hope this holiday gives you a chance to reflect on the many sacrifices made by our ancestors and gain renewed hope and faith in your journey to finding that special person with whom you can experience the excitement and challenges of the last days.

Happy Pioneer Day!


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