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By Amy Stevens Seal. Founder/CEO, The LDS Matchmaker

Summer is coming fast, but maybe the thought of attending family functions and company barbeques without a date has you feeling down. You’re starting to tell yourself nobody would miss you if you weren’t there, and Netflix isn’t going to watch itself, after all.

You need a game changer!

Have you ever thought that the reason you’re so successful in other aspects of your life, such as your schooling, your career, and your finances, might just be the secret to turning your social life around?

Social science expert and professor at BYU, Dr. Brian Willoughby, says, “One of the fundamental traits of any successful person is that they have goals.”

Setting goals and working toward them is something we naturally do when we want to succeed, and improving ourselves through hard work and struggle is one of the things that brings us the most happiness in life. Just think about the last time you achieved something you really wanted. You felt awesome, right? You shared it with everyone you know. You Instagramed it. You rewarded yourself. You felt satisfied and fulfilled and maybe even wanted to set a new, bigger goal.

You can feel satisfied and fulfilled in your dating life, too. You can set dating goals and work toward achieving them.

As Mormons, we’re taught from a young age to set goals. An Ensign article entitled "Strengthen Your Sense of Self-Worth" gives suggestions about setting goals. Be realistic, it says, and be committed. Be accountable, too, by writing your goals down and sharing them with friends. But don’t compete with friends. “Compete with yourself,” instead. And most importantly, share your goals with Heavenly Father. He can help.

This can all be applied to dating and relationships quite successfully, and that’s one of the amazing things we do at The LDS Matchmaker. With our proven thirteen week learning program, we help daters recognize what they want and formulate specific, realistic plans to make it happen. We empower daters with knowledge and insight. We teach daters the skills they need to turn their dating and marriage goals into fulfilling relationships.

So make a goal to check out what The LDS Matchmaker can do for you. We’re here to help! Our kind and supportive dating coaches can help you achieve what you really want, and who knows, maybe soon you’ll be making goals for the future with the love of your life.

For information about our learning programs, click here.

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