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If you’ve seen the movie “Leap Year”, starring Amy Adams, you know February 29th is the day where an old Irish Tradition allows women to propose marriage to their partners. 

It isn’t just fiction from a movie. The tradition has been traced back to the 5th century were St. Bridgid and St. Patrick decided that women who’ve been waiting on their partners for too long should be allowed to take matters into their own hands once every four years on Leap Day.

There was even a law in place in the 13th century where men who refused a woman’s marriage proposal had to pay a fine!

While proposing marriage isn’t practical for most of us, putting yourself in the right place in front of the right person is doable for men and women.

Amy Adam’s ‘Leap Year’ role portrayed her frustration with her fiancé of many years. She flies all the way to Dublin, where her boyfriend was attending a conference to take advantage of Ireland’s Leap Year tradition.

When she finally arrives (after a turbulent journey that redirects her feelings of admiration), her longtime boyfriend proposes marriage before she has the opportunity. You’ll have to watch the movie to see how it ends (it’s on Netflix). 

The moral of this story revolves around the Amy Adams character. Being tired of waiting on others to make her romantic goals a reality, she takes action and puts herself in the right place in front of the right person.

This can be a possibility for all of us!  Is there a person you’ve had your eye on?  Why not use Leap Day as an incentive to put your best self in front of him or her to invite action towards progressing your relationship?

Erin Schurtz, Relationship Expert and Dating Coach for The LDS Matchmaker, gave some great advice in a recent article titled: SECRETS REVEALED – MEN say what they LOVE and HATE about their dates

“Be blatantly obvious that you’d like him to ask you out. The perfect recipe to get a date invitation is by dishing a compliment, followed by a casual, ‘I’d-like-to-get-to-know-you-better,’ followed by a ‘call-me-sometime.’ For an added effect, give a wink and then immediately exit. If he’s interested, he’ll ask you out. If not, you can feel free to move on knowing you left the ball in his court,” Erin suggests.

Use this Leap Year as your opportunity to be bold! Don’t let it pass you over without taking a dramatic step toward progressing a relationship or kick starting your dating life. Your dramatic LEAP DAY step might be investing in your own future by inviting others to be a part of your cause.

Selectively choose those in your network who might have strategic and innovative ideas on how to break out of your comfort zone and take charge of your dating life. 

And if you feel that it’s time to enlist the experts, The LDS Matchmaker is here to strategize how to jump start opportunities for love with their specialized services to make this YOUR year!

Ladies – mention this blog post when you contact us and receive a special offer just for you (through Friday, March 4th)! You can reach us at: or (801) 495-1000.

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