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Updated: Sep 19, 2018

How to make sparks fly on the 4th of July—Tips to creating your summer romance

Summer brings all kinds of fun events. There are places to go and things to do, but it’s always more fun to go on the arm of someone special. 

If you’re looking to put some romance into your summer happenings, here’s a little advice and some ideas to feel sparks this fireworks season.  

Advice from the Matchmaker

In order to makes sparks fly, most people need to be a little more bold. Don’t be afraid to go after the things you want. Be deliberate in creating appealing social situations for yourself. 

You have nothing to lose. You’re already, NOT in a relationship. Let this summer be the summer of boldness. Treat this as the beginning of the end, your last summer of singleness. 

It’s perfectly okay to invite new people to do fun things.  Everyone loves an invitation for summer fun.  You’ll have a great time meeting people and developing casual acquaintances into something more. 

Date/Party ideas from the Matchmaker

Take a fireworks run to Evanston. If you’re in Utah, you know all the good stuff is in Evanston.  More important than the fireworks, you’ll have an uninterrupted 90-minute drive to get to know your passenger, both ways. 

Single out the person you’ve had your eye on for the last several months and ask them to join you. Road trips are often the catalyst in starting great, long lasting relationships.

Get high for the fireworks. Take advantage of the topography around you.  Organize a fun group or just one person you’d like to know better. Hike or drive to a great view point to watch fireworks on the 4th of July.

This can be done any summer night.  When you’re above the valley floor you’ll see fireworks shows going across the valley all summer long. The main idea is to be next to someone you want to get to know better.

Plan a memorable summer barbecue. Anyone can throw a backyard barbecue, but the Matchmaker knows presentation matters when you’re trying to make an impression. 

Channel your inner Martha Stewart and tone your gathering up a notch. String up some twinkle lights or tiki-torches to set the mood. There are a million backyard barbecue ideas on Pinterest. Pick an idea and run with it.

Rather than sitting across from the person you’re most interested in, sit next to them.  It’s easier to feel sparks when there isn’t a physical barrier between you.  Plan an easy-to-eat, light menu since the main event is getting to know your guests.

Make old fashioned homemade Ice Cream.  Invite a group over to make homemade ice cream.  Give ingredient assignments so guests feel included and obligated to come on time. You want to spend plenty of time together.

While your ice cream mixes, resurrect some old fashioned games from your childhood like spin the bottle, sardines or any other game that puts you in close proximity.  Get close, laugh and have fun doing something slightly out of the ordinary.

Mock tails and camp chairs. Never underestimate the sophistication of plastic stemware, camp chairs and your favorite tropical concoction.  Invite your special guest or guests over for an evening in a camp chair on the patio sipping tropical drinks and having great conversation.  

If you’re not a mock tail maker, just hit up the drink mixers at the grocery store. They’re easy to make.  Pina Colada, Margarita or Mojito, it doesn’t really matter.  Don’t forget your blue tooth speaker to set the mood with music. 

It’s great to skate. If you’re like most people, you haven’t hit the skating rink since junior high. On Friday and Saturday night after the kid’s curfew, it turns into adult-night with all the same fun you remember as a kid, including couples skate! ;). 

Take this opportunity to smile and laugh while creating fun memories with your new friends.

If you’re not great on skates you can rent rollerblades, razor scooters or just look great moving and grooving on sidelines. Don’t forget to post a few photos.  Your stock goes higher when people see you having fun.  They’ll want to be with you next time.


The LDS Matchmaker specializes in helping singles identify and overcome obstacles that have kept them from finding lasting love. Dating experts provide insight, ideas and specialized services that help clients make progress toward making marriage a reality.  If you’re ready to discuss how to get your love life headed in the right direction, schedule a Dating Strategy Session with The LDS Matchmaker.

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