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Trying to make a lucky connection on a first date? The Irish aren’t the only ones interested in getting kissed on St. Patrick’s Day.  Here are FIVE simple strategies that will improve your first date tonight or any time after. 

  1. Control the length of the date. Experts say a first date should be short.   About 45 minutes is long enough to decide if you like the guy or gal.  Make the law of supply and demand work for you.  Keep it brief even if you’re having a great time.

  2. Sit next to your date. If you’re eating together, take a seat beside each other instead of across the table.  It might feel strange at first, but removing physical barriers like tables make it more likely that you’ll engage in casual, social-type touching. Touch is electric and your date is far more likely to feel a spark without physical barriers.

  3. Skip the eats and opt for activity.  Instead of spending the majority of your time together chewing, fill your mouth with conversation while you engage in some kind of activity. Head to the park and swing together.  Take a walk. Play a simple game like Frisbee.  Even sitting together on a public bench can be a great place to make observations and discuss the world around you.

  4. Know your lines.  Like any interview or important introduction, decide ahead of time what you’d like to say.  Being prepared with ideas helps you be confident and collected during your conversation. It’s also a good idea to come prepared with a few questions or conversation starters if the exchange starts to lag.  Keeping the banter going helps both of you stay relaxed.

  5. Make HER feel comfortable.  Make HIM feel interesting/useful.  Women are more likely to accept a second date if they felt comfortable and didn’t worry about details while they were with him. Be proactive about paying the bill, opening doors and leading conversations when they lag. 

Men know they’re interesting when his date smiles, laughs, or touches him lightly on the arm periodically.  They feel useful when she asks for insight about something he’s good at.

 These kinds of positive reinforcements make him far more likely to want more time with her.

The Irish aren’t always just lucky, you know... Implementing new ideas can change your luck fast when it comes to finding a connection with someone who might be the love of your life!

The LDS Matchmaker wishes all singles the best of luck making new connections this St. Patrick’s Day.  For strategies and programs proven to turn bad luck into lasting love, consider setting up a strategy session with one of our experts.  Your next first kiss might just be one new strategy away.

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