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for Women

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Our matchmakers get things moving

Using online dating sites to source ideal candidates, your personal matchmaker will search for, screen and get you quality in-person dates. That's what makes our Online Matchmaking Program stand out. Our matchmakers are experts at finding and vetting ideal candidates to create an enjoyable offline dating experience for you. 


As your dating life ignites, you won't be going it alone. You can rely on our full array of coaching resources to empower you with game-changing relationship tips that are proven to work.


Plan features:

This option includes the following services:

  • Profile creation and online matchmaking (We search, screen, vet, and set up real dates for you)

  • Personalized coaching and dating strategy sessions

  • Image consulting and personal styling

  • Professional photos

  • Feedback dates and exit interviews

  • Online learning system - the Lasting Love Academy™ by Alisa Snell


Plan Investment:   $4,000 per month*

*2-month minimum

The first step to be considered for the Online Matchmaking program is to schedule a Dating Strategy Session with one of our coaches, Alisa Snell or Dave Allen. 

Our coaches, Alisa Snell and Dave Allen, are pre-qualifying all new clients for eligibility.

Please CLICK here to schedule a free phone consultation.

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