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FAQs for Zion

Matchmaking Event


Why won't my application submit? 

There are a few reasons why your application won't submit after you fill it out:

#1 There are one or more required fields that have not been completed. Please go back and find the missing field(s) in red font and complete them. Then reattach your photo since this field blanks out. 

#2 The photo(s) you are submitting are larger than 10 MB - please resize your photo(s) and try again. NOTE: if your application does not go through, you will need to fix the missing information and reattach your photo for it to work. 

#3 You may already have a record in our matchmaking system from another event, so you need to use another email address or contact us to reset your account. You can contact us or try adding a +1 to the first part of your email. For example: If you still need assistance, please email or text us at: or 801.495.2000 and give us your first and last name so that we can help.

#4 You may need to scroll down a little further to see the end of the application. Put your finger or mouse on the application and scroll all the way down until you see the "I accept the Terms & Conditions" box.

#5 If none of the above are the reason(s), there may be an issue with your browser or device settings. Please try using a different device or browser. The application may work better on a desktop than phone.

Why do I need to apply for this event?

Doing a matchmaking event is a unique way to help people find love. Most people have strong preferences for who they want to date including age, location, level of church activity, body type, and overall physical attraction. We consider all of these things as well as our secret sauce to help create a group of people who will mesh well together. 


Our founder, Amy Seal has been a professional matchmaker for more than 14 years and is certified through the Matchmaking Institute. She has interviewed thousands of singles, created hundreds of matches and has more than 100 marriages credited to her team of experts.


Can you promise that if I attend the event I will have ideal matches? 

No, we cannot make any promises but based on our previous events, more than 70% of our attendees find one or more people they go on dates with after, with many turning into exclusive relationships. 


When and how do I pay for this event?

If you are approved for this event you will be sent an invoice to pay for the event and reserve your spot.


What if I pay and end up not being able to attend?

We do not offer refunds after you are accepted to this event and pay. However, we can transfer your spot to someone else if you find an appropriate replacement. They will need to apply and also be approved for the event so that we can ensure we have good matches for them. 


How do I get to and from Zion Ponderosa Ranch? 

You will need to arrange your own transportation to and from the event.


What kind of food will be served at the event?

Each meal will be a catered dinner and will include protein and fruits/veggies. Some sample menu items include: Teriyaki Chicken, Brisket, Breakfast Burritos, Eggs, Sandwiches, Salads.


If you have a special diet you need us to accommodate, please let us know on the application form. 


In addition - you will be able to bring food of your own to supplement what we serve. If you are staying in a vacation home, there will be a full kitchens where you can keep food in a fridge and cook (within reason).


*Please note - there will be not be any price adjustments if you bring food of your own due to the nature of our agreement with Zion Ponderosa.

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